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​Guess who? It's @niyola Its Saturday, feel free to rock your Ankara. #fashion#fashionblogger#womensfashion

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Party wear

​A V-neck top paired with a body con (high-waist) pencil skirt and a pair of pump is sophisticated for a party or an evening outing. What makes this combo perfect for party is its sexy style. A coat, jacket or blazer can tag along. 💟We like to party💟

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Hair Color Linked to Heart Disease in Men

Something’s up with this coif. Graying hair on men, an Egyptian cardiologist warns, appears linked to increased risk for coronary artery disease. A study of 545 men, whose hair was graded on a 5-point scale indicating how gray or white it was, checked heart health with coronary angiography. Researchers found that subjects half-gray or more were likely… Continue reading Hair Color Linked to Heart Disease in Men

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Cocaine Dependence, Effects, Withdrawal and Treatment Methods. 

​Cocaine Dependence Cocaine Dependence is defined as a psychological desire to use cocaine regularly. “You believe that coke will increase your perceptions, that it will allow you to surpass yourself, that you will be able to control things. It’s bloody nonsense. After a while you don’t pay your bills anymore, you don’t wash yourself anymore,… Continue reading Cocaine Dependence, Effects, Withdrawal and Treatment Methods. 

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Travel:​ Likoma Island, Malawi.

​Lake Malawi, Likoma Island, Malawi. Travel destination for lovers. This is one of Africa’s jewels. Clear clean water, great for swimming, diving or snorkelling, and friendly communities.  Boats will ferry you around the island, across to Mozambique or to the smaller island of Chizumulu. Sandy beaches and baobabs  giving an intoxicating blend of English fairytale… Continue reading Travel:​ Likoma Island, Malawi.


Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Throwback pictures.

​Beyoncé and Jay Z celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary on 04.04.2017. Congratulations to them. Beyoncé’s wedding anniversary celebration continues. After dedicating a new version of her “Die With You” video to Jay Z yesterday, Queen Bey has released new photos on her website. Beyonce shares pictures from her last year's wedding anniversary vacation, Beyonce and… Continue reading Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Throwback pictures.