How to Style A Sequin Skirt.

Giltz and Glamour are a girl’s best friend and it reigns all season round. Sequin skirts are glittery, chic and sexy, they can be worn anytime; during the day for outings, as streetstyle and also at night, for dinner dates and events.

Sequins can be worn with different footwear, from heels to sneakers to boots, sandals e.t.c. 
Sequins skirts are the perfect staple for this season. Sparkle and shine in sequins and glitters. 

Why dont you add some sparkle to your style. Here are various ways to style a sequin skirt:

•With an oversized sweater

•With a Denim jacket/shirt

•With A Blazer

•With A Thin Strap Top

• With A Long Jacket

• With A T-Shirt 

• With An Armless T-Shirt

• With A Fitted Top

• With A Turtle Neck Top

• With A Shirt

Photos via PinInterest.


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