Kristen Stewart Style

Kristen Jaymes Stewart born April 9, 1990 is an American actress and model. Born in Los Angeles to parents working in show business, Stewart began her acting career in 1997. Since then, she has starred in several movies. She went on to star in Speak(2004), Catch That Kid (2004), Zathura (2005), and Into The Wild (2007). She received widespread recognition in 2008 when she landed the role of protagonist Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga film series (2008–12), which grossed over $3.3 billion worldwide.

Stewart was listed as the highest-earning female actress in the Vanity Fair “Hollywood Top Earners List of 2010,” with an estimated earning of $28.5 million. In 2011, she was named number one on Forbes’ list of “Hollywood’s Best Actors for the Buck.”Forbes also named her as the highest paid actress in 2012, with total earnings of $34.5 million. She is the “face” of Chanel and Balenciaga fashion brands.

The star recently opened up about her sexuality, she admitted to being gay. Kristen is thought to currently be dating the Victoria secret model Stella Maxwell.

Unlike the everyday kinda woman, Kristen has an alluring tomboy chic style, her style is natural unique and original, even Chanel and Balenciaga can testify to that.

Kristen is young, beautiful and vibrant and she dresses for comfortability. From her street style to chic urban flow paired with boots and sneakers, to the ripped to vehement jeans, and turn up styles to the hoodie, what a Goldie. She is an absolute fashion explorer. Don’t you just love her?.

Feel free to steal a look.


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