Skin Care

Smoking Weed Will Dry Out Your Vagina, Study Says

​It is called “Cotton Vagina.” It is an experience of dryness when high during intercourse, and it is a very serious issue in women. According to science, the more weed you smoke, the dryer your VaJayJay is going to get. Just like your mouth, your little spot of sunshine becomes dehydrated as well. After surveying 8,650 Australians regarding vaginal dryness and smoking weed, scientists found the link they were looking for. If a certain strain of marijuana is drying out your mouth, you can bet that your vaginal wall is drying out 2 x’s worse than that. The correlation links to the amount of THC in the marijuana you are smoking.

Dr. Julie Holland, author of “The Truth About the Drugs You Are Taking,” describes this issue as the drying of the membranes, similar to what happens in your mouth. So, not ready to give up that nightly toke with your loved one before the fun happens That’s okay, Dr. Julie Holland recommends you keep some coconut oil handy at your bedside. It will help moisten those membranes and keep everything running smoothly.


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