The Nigerian LookBook.

Nigerian couples in their traditional attire, from north/ north central Nigeria. Popularly known as the Huasa, Fulani’s tribe.


Today we will be taking a sneak peep into Nigerian fashion from the Northern part.

The Hausa people are known for their elaborate dressing. The men wear large flowing gowns known as Babban Riga and a robe-like dress with design called Jalubia or Juanni. The men may or not wear caps known as fula. The women are identified by their wrappers called abaya, blouses, headties, shawls and hijabs. They also wear Hausa weaves as their common hairstyles. Hausa women also wear jewelry, ornaments and paintings a great deal. The Lalli or henna paintings and drawings are also an indispensable part of their make up.

I’m assured we have learnt alot from this article about Hausa Fashion. On this paragraph we will be talking about our famous indigenous designer  Huda Fadoul, she is a fashion designer of the label Hudayya Couture based in Abuja, Hudayya is a Fashion brand that speack elegance.

Here are few pictures from her designs and creations.



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