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Ways to Wear the Pyjama Trend in a Chic Way

So long are the days when you could only sleep in your PJs, because designers have converted sleepwear classics into ready-to-wear pieces that can not only take you from night to day, but also from day to night, slowly making it’s way to the fashion scene ever since last spring. Whether in New York, Milano or London, fashionistas rocked their best “pyjamas” during fashion week, introducing this rather unusual trend.

From Pyjama style tops to loose fitting eyelash lace cami dresses the list is endless for turning sleepwear into daywear. Like most controversial trends, Pyjama dressing has its legions of fans, as they are fantastically comfortable and fits any body shape.
Pyjamas can be worn as head to toe combo or shirt only. But when it comes to pyjama shirts, the more lavish the print the better – it immediately indicates you’ve made a deliberate decision, rather than just forgot to get dressed.

Speaking of collars, look for a more considered cut, something smaller than the traditional over-sized look of a bed shirt. 


Accessories makes the style more chic, wear with a pair of pumps, stilettoes, plimsoll, add a strappy heel and a bonkers cocktail ring with chokers. 


–Opt for bold, statement prints – anything you wouldn’t wear in bed.

–Get the balance right – bring floaty bottoms into line with a crisp white shirt.

–Avoid trainers or flip-flops which take the look to the sloppy side.

–Own the look. Confidence will silence any naysayers.

The line between casual and sloppy can be tricky to define. But the loose, less-structured fit is flattering to a good range of body shapes and a few simple rules will make you look effortlessly glamorous, rather than well, like you’ve just tumbled out of bed.


26 thoughts on “Ways to Wear the Pyjama Trend in a Chic Way”

      1. Well you get a golden star for fashion blogging :3 what style do you like to design with? I have never heard of a lifestyle designer before. I want to be a world traveler and fashion designer ♡


      2. That is a wonderful idea! I would like to learn to cook :3 I would love to see your designs as well. That sounds beautiful. We must be twins separated by birth? Reach for the stars and make that dream happen.

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