FASHION, Street Style

The Frayed Jeans Trend: DIY/Styling. 

​Step hem jeans or frayed jeans are originally known as vetements jeans, this trend stared at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2016 street style.

Worn in many different super stylish ways by style icons all over the world. The original ones are constructed by using more than two pais of vintage jeans, cut along the seam and reworked to match each other.

In this post i tried to feature a stylish way of dressing / coordinating from snapshot images,and how to make remake and keeping the hem cut.

How to cut the hem in Vetements reworked denim style ?

Firstly, wear shoes, shoes that you want to match with the denim, it makes it easy to find the preferred length, when you find the preferred length, then mark it with a pencil. 

Next, take off the denim and draw a line around the hem of the denim so as to draw a circle straight from the mark. 

Finally unravel the hem, so if you are not confident in length, it seems to be a good idea to have a long margin with a little margin. After writing a line around the hem, cut it with a pair of scissors

Then gently break off the edges with your fingers. 

The finish is like this. It is fashionable!
Frayed jean can be worn in many fashionable way

–Simple coordination with skinny jeans and denim jacket waist roll to a basic item called plain white T-shirt. 

–Shoes may be fashionable if you make a nude color mule featuring a beige · earth color, you w have wildness and gaps in denim. 

–The coordination of denim on denim is playful and it is nice as it is a skinny type of frayed hem, because it is an overall manish item. 

— Frayed hem is also recommended as a formal and clean item that is beautiful! The compatibility of denim and white petanko shoes is very fashionable to navy blue navy long coat. While using beautiful colors, denim is a bit bossy. That is fashionable again. 

–Frayed jeans is also fashionable in colour white. Although white pants tend to be harmoniously impressive, by smoothly cutting the hem, it is in an atmosphere with a three-dimensional feeling.

–Denim featuring a slightly vintage-like design reminiscent of the 1980s and 1980s can also be enjoyed on leaving hem cut! Striped shirts and black riders, and black short boots have changed disguised pants to fashionable items. The feeling of cutting is wonderful. 

— Black skinny jeans are also cool, because of the leg length effect which is outstanding 

— I also recommend denim cutting for adult women after 30s. Cut the hem at the cropped length and the shoes are black petanko shoes.

— With Booties and Sneakers

— When it comes to the show your leg tuzzle, frayed jeans are perfect with high heeled shoes.

I hope this helps… Have a wonderful week ahead. I love y’all❤


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