Outfit Inspiration For Jumu’ah

Tomorrow’s  Friday, and the big question is what can I wear? Well, on this post, I answered that question.

“For Jummah always wear what is Islamically acceptable. I know girls who come in baggy jeans and a long sweater with a scarf. Some girls are very trendy. Some wear abayas. Sisters, just choose what suits YOU and lets you feel good and concentrate on Jumu’ah”

So whatever you decide to wear, make sure it doesn’t cause unnecessary distractions.

On this post I have careful selected these dresses for Jumu’ah.

Photos are below;



Oh Allah ..
Open for me the doors to everything good ..
And the doors to peace and security,
And the doors to health and wellness,
And the doors to YOUR blessings,
And the doors of YOUR barakah,
And the doors to strength and perseverance,
And the doors to love and care,
And the doors to YOUR mercy,
And the doors to YOUR sustenance,
And the doors to knowledge,
And the doors to YOUR forgiveness,
And the doors to JANNAH !
Jummah Mubarak


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