Women are dear!

Women don’t get raped because they were drinking, dressed “inappropriately” or characterless. Women do not get raped because they were not careful enough, because they were roaming out in the night. Women get raped because someone raped them. Women get raped becuase someone let it happened by closing their eyes.

And that someone is each one of us.

Don’t we all know that in offices, buses, roads, schools, collegs and malls, men pass cheap jokes and comments to girls. Men constantly stare girls literally scanning their bodies making a girl so uncomfortable and uneasy. Is it any less than Raping a girl?

Its we the Men who have to change our mentallity. Nirbhaya’s fight will go in vain if next time we don’t question or stop a friend or collegue who is making a girl uncomfortable, lets stop these things then and there.

Today you have not died sister!!! Its we the Men of this country have died.

I will not have any celebrations on the New Year’s eve. No I am not doing this for you, I will do it to come out the of guilt I am in.

I am ashamed because I am still not sure if I will have the courage to stop on a secluded road at night and fight for a woman without thinking for a moment what will happen to me.


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