Keep God in it.

Nobody can be as strong, vital and heroic as I have suggested without the presence of God. This is an overwhelming world, and we are very small. It is like the prayer the Normandy fisherman offer when they go out to the deep to fish. Before they cast off their little boats, they pray: “O Lord, take care of us. The sea is so vast. We are so small.” He does and He will.
I tell you from my heart: the secret of meeting life victoriously is how close you are to God, how deeply and sincerely you receive God into your life. If you give your life to God, if you commit your life to God, if this becomes your consuming passion, I guarantee that you will have an immunity- not from difficulty, but from defeat. And that is all we can ask.
Never accept any defeat, because on the other side of defeat, if you defeat it, there is a glorious victory.

Remember, I love you all so much 💝.



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