How to know a real man.

Characteristics of real men.
1. A real man doesn’t kiss and tell.
2. A real man notices your hair and nails.
3. A real nan calls you beautiful, not hot, sexy, or fine as fuck.
4. A real man calls you on daily basis no matter how busy or tired he is.
5. A real man looks past what he has heard about you or his friends think about you.
6. A real man wants to spend as much time with you and never gets sick of you.
7. A real man kisses you on the forehead just because.
8. A real man doesn’t tell you what he thinks you want to heat, he tells you what’s real.
9. A real man knows how to put your ass to sleep.
10. A real man doesn’t ask questions when you say you need something… him, sex, or money.
11. A real man let’s his ho’s know that he has you.
12. A real man doesn’t play games.
13. A real man doesn’t leave his girl to go hang out with his homeboys, when he hasn’t seen his girl in a week, and then call her at 4 in the morning because he needs some love.
14. A real man doesn’t think about sex with other bitches when he is making love to you.
15. A real man opens the car door for his lady, brings her roses, and rubs her feet when they are tired.
However, when you have a real man treat him like one.


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