On This Day🌄 November26

Feast day of Sylvester Gozzolini and John Berchmans (Roman Catholic Church)

Constitution Day in India (1949)

Holodomor Remembrance Day in Ukraine (2016)

1161 – A Song dynasty fleet defeated Jin dynasty ships in a naval engagement on the Yangtze river during the Jin–Song Wars.

1842 – The University of Notre Dame (main administration building pictured) was founded by Rev. Edward Sorin, of the Congregation of Holy Cross, as an all-male institution in South Bend, Indiana, US.

1943 – Second World War: The British troop ship HMT Rohna was sunk in the Mediterranean by a Luftwaffe bomb, killing more than 1,100 people.

1983 – Six robbers broke into the Brink’s-Mat warehouse at London Heathrow Airport and stole three tonnes (6,612 lb) of gold bullion, much of which has never been recovered.

2011 – US-led NATO forces engaged Pakistani security forces at two Pakistani military checkposts along the Afghanistan–Pakistan border in a friendly fire incident.


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