Friday Style: You can never go wrong with Moccasins.




You’llnever go wrong with moccasins.

Moccasin slip-on shoes are elegant pieces every man should incorporate into his fashion wardrobe for that formal or dress-down look…
Moccasins have become increasingly popular in recent times. Although they look like loafers, they are not the same. This slip-on shoes sometimes called driving shoes comes with laces which are primarily for decorative purposes.
They are semi formal in style when compared to loafers; hence they are best paired with formal trousers and shirt for a classic Friday office look.
You could also wear them with jeans and shirt or T-shirt for a smart and casual look at weekends.
Sometimes, black colour moccasins can also act as a smart alternative to your black leather shoes.
To wear this style of shoes, you should opt for a colour that suits your personal style. Although, moccasin comes in a wide variety of colours, the basic colors are black, brown, blue. You could also opt for a colourful patchwork style for a more striking and bold look.
Moccasins are made with one pair soft leather which can be leather or suede and have the bottom and sides stitched together at the top. They also have a soft and flexible sole.
You should not forget that moccasins are versatile, practical and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Writer: Angela Davies.


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