Everything fell apart…
Maybe I knew from the start it would. Not that I didn’t see the signs, in fact I saw it clearly. The gist was carefully spelt out to me but something in me didn’t let me make a move. I tried to settle our differences but I didn’t.
Not that I didn’t know what to do but I was just bent on making him feel bad for what he did.
Sometimes, I thought of apologizing so we can both live in peace but I just didn’t.
Not like I was enjoying the feud between us but the fact is that it was just what I could’ve done but I didn’t and then I slowly watched everything fade away disappearing into thin air, all the love, the things we did together
You don’t even want to imagine all we did together, you can’t phantom the unimaginable, weird and crazy things we’v done… Goosh… If anyone knew half of the things we did together then the word “proud” will not set in.
The way we treat each other, our love was golden not only on the outside but inside, our kinda love is what I like to call “inside-out”.
Back to back from the kushing sessions to the stoned moments to the hit sex we always had. For me he was a keeper and I love him.
My badoo, the way he Annie’s me makes me feel innocent, sometimes I can be two faced but he handles me perfectly.
The first 2years of our relationship was steaming hot, we were so close even the nose and mouth were jealous.
I wouldn’t say we suddenly fell apart, we slowly, spontaneously fell apart.
Okay… You know what maybe we are not meant to be, but i wouldn’t say that, with the kinda love we share.
Perhaps! We were overwhelmed and excited, we got too comfortable and took each other for granted or I thought it was gonna get well eventually, we thought we could spoil things And fix it when we were ready.
New day dolls… Don’t fuel that feud, kill that flame, don’t let it choke you. Don’t be too hurt to say hello. Learn to fix things, know that every problem has a solution. Don’t take God and your partner for granted by thinking everything will fall in place and that what will be will.
Be love… Be ready to say sorry. Cherish your partner. Love your relationship. Don’t be weak, fight for your home.🏩


Dhorlly Ibitoye❣



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