TurnUp!! TGIF!

Sometimes my ears just feel horny for lil kesh’s song…

Awwwn…. I’m so in that mood right now, times like this all I just wanna do is brush my teeth, have a shower and then get dressed for my big booty shaking date. After spraying all the colonge on my sleeveless mini vintage dress, I slip on my  loubotin shoes.

Feeling like Jenifer Lopez wearing my red lipstick from @house of Alero… eye brow on the fleek.

phew… It’s 10:47 already, after spending so much time concealing and contouring my face, hehehe… It’s worth it I look like Barbie in black shoes.

Now I’m confused🙄, staring at my keys, should I go with my machine or with the G-Wagon. *deep sigh… Okay! I’m definitely turning up tonight so I’ll rather go with my machine, I picked my keys, switched off all electrical appliances in the house. I got to the garage, hit my baby up and I’m headed straight to Quilox,

Abi, what to do? I am young, beautiful, rich and free, plus I’m human(y.o.l.o).    I already made the decision to flex my leave period well. When you do the kinda job I do, then you will understand the essence of leave, and all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl.

Right now I’m so zoned and stoned… I had 2 sticks of Glorilla Glue before leaving home, so I’m on a low key level and I’m ready to have fun even if it means carrying caskets of Moët, my fun mood activated.

At Quilox I met a guy, he’s indeed a big charmer, we somehow spent the whole night together, I guess he just wanted to unwind also. And we really did, we both got what we wished for and now…

Today, this Friday, I’m with Femi the dude I met at the club last week Friday and we are chilling a home, we are on some Gorilla Glue stuff,you know Na,that puff-puff pass moment and we are jonzed on Soundcity’s Friday’s party mix.

My bad girl mood activated 100% on some TGIF things, Femi and I are really getting along well @DjShabsy turn me on💃🏽.

Tune in and Tweet @SoundcityTV and @DJShabsy now!


Dhorlly Ibitoye❣.


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