Black x Mint #Workstyle1

God always has something for you, A key for every problem, A light for every shadow, A relief for every sorrow and A plan for every tomorrow. I hope we all are doing good. Happy New Year once again. In today’s post, I’m wearing this lovely black top and mint trouser, which was part of the items  sent to me by Biddysmondo. In my last post Here, I talked about her store and Styled a shirt dress she also sent to me. To me, this combination is a lovely and mature one. I always do my make up myself and I really love this makeup look.
You can check out her page on Instagram @Biddysmondo Here. For those of you based in Nigeria, order cool items from her and thank me later.
This outfit is going to be the first of my #Workstyle Series for the year 2016. I’ll be posting more work style outfits this year. If there’s any suggestion for the blog, ideas on how to make the blog better and stuffs you will like to see on the blog this year, please let me know. I’ll work on it.
 Always remember to pray and remember Jesus loves you too. Thank you for visiting and God bless y’all.

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