Mr&Mrs rightwrong

Facts you need to know before choosing a bride:

  • Involve God- be spiritual.
  • Marry someone you are sexually attracted to.
  • Never leave the woman of your dreams for a so call good girl, don’t be deceived there’s no such thing as a good girl.
  • Marry whom you feel comfortable around; someone you love to spend real and quality time with.

Loving is about caring and being there for each other, supporting each other, even when the stakes are high, despite the odds. Marriage is about staying in love “to love on”. Love doesn’t guarantee a quarrel free relationship, but its about resolving issues and not trying to change your spouse selfishly, but being considerate enough to sacrifice and reach a compromise.

Staying in love is tasking and not easy. So you need to be careful, and choose who you love carefully. Be wise. Don’t be fooled. For example; a girl that loves you truly, will love your family 100%. A man that loves you truly, will not hide you. A woman that loves you truly, will buy you gifts. It pays, to marry someone you love not someone you think you love and not someone you think will change. Accept your spouse the way they are.

*yawns* goodnight barbie dolls, candy crushes, Mr right and Mr wrong.

Dhorlly Ibi.


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