Dear Oreoluwa;

All the days you weren’t here… i missed you more and harder everyday, all i think about is you.

In my head… i see you; In my thoughts… i see you. Your face, your whine, your body, your stamina, your effort, your try, your cry.

Tho, i am a man, and i shouldn’t be doing this post for a woman. my friends says its stupid and too girlish for a man. To them I’m less of a man but;                                                                                               is a man without his woman?                                                                                               what is a candle without light?                                                                  what is faith without grace?

I remember all we did together, all the things we did, especially the ones you thought i didn’t see.; but I’m scared… am i wrong? am i right? is it late? because i love you a lot. I realized I LOVE YOU… but i dunno if its safe for me to love you this hard, especially when we are not together anymore. Every now and then i yearn for you. The more i go through your Instagram posts, the more i  miss you. I miss seeing those funny pictures and videos, you’d always tag me in. Do you remember that @crazyclown video you tagged me in, when i saw it, i thought that was you because the way you mother me is just the bomb.

Back to back… through the ups and downs, you stayed! you never left me… i can say boldly, all through the relationship, i never felt lonely. Even tho i had reasons to hate myself, you never hate me. Your believe in me, made me believe in myself. Tho its been only four months since we broke up, but I’ve not been myself, a day without you is incomplete.

I must be mad! how can i let someone like you go @adele, if your were a gem, you would be a blue sapphire because you are priceless and you worth more than, i can possibly give. You are my @Ore_oluwa, my gift, my friend, my mother, my sister, my father, my counselor, my teacher, my world above all my Nigga, because the way you stand up for me is the bomb, because  i can count on you, you are a true soldier.

Sorry @justin bieber… i hope its not too late to say sorry. All I’m trying to say is that i miss you and i still want you 100%. @Olatokunbo still wants you.

Oreoluwa, your baby calls… please pickup@OlakunleGold. I dialed your number severally but its not available, i tried to reach all your friends but they dunno where you are. Please baby, i truly miss you and wherever you are reading this please, answer my calls, hear me say hello to you.

Williams Olatokunbo

Dhorlly Ibitoye. dhorllyibi@gmail.com


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