On the jump street boulevard… never dulling the swagga na. everything looking all pimped up. eyebrow on the fleek, Rolex to the hand, 24 carat on the finger. I’m  heading to the mainland… my usual spot, Ikeja City Mall, Lagos state. In search of a different bobo, not the everyday kinda man you meet on the Island. As big as the Island is, its like they all know each other. No coded parol, someone will definitely find-out.

As a lowkey babe na. I wanted to update my line na. No dulling allowed o. if you dulling abeg gerara here mehn…

Gooshh… I’m so high, my eyes are red and thin, i feel like hell girl *chuckles*… I’m so stoned. As a corect UNILAG babe na. no dulling allowed.

Finally, I’m here, my confirm spot, ICM. Headed straight to see a movie. While i was waiting on the next movie to begin. Na him one bobo waka come. then this dude walks up to me and says “hello bae, your face looks familiar”. As a sharp girl, i quickly start to dey front. He asked if my name was Susan, i said no, then he asked what my name was and i told him . Na so the thing go, we got acquainted to each other, he seemed cool. He was also waiting to see the movie, we saw the movie together. After that day, we hooked up severally and we started seeing each other.

The dude works at MMA Ikeja and his name is Segun. He’s tall, dark and handsome, with natural endowments, exactly what my mama wants… exactly my taste and as a UNILAG babe, i no dull am. Since we started dating, i never lack anything and we are always together, we go out together, its almost like i live with him. I just drive to school for lectures and back to his place.

Everything was fine until i showed my girlfriend Jane, Segun’s pictures and told her that was my bobo. She smiled claiming Segun was her boo also. I was dumbfounded, i didn’t know what to say, i was expecting her to say she was joking but instead she seemed serious. immediately, i bursted out saying, maybe she got it all wrong, she insisted and even showed me Segun’s pictures on her phone.

Mehn! i cant imagine, just when i thought i found love. Feels like my heart wants to pop out… but something in me still doesn’t wanna accept it even tho it looks true. then i decided to talk to Segun about it, but i didn’t. Instead  i kept my cool and decided to investigate before attacking. i had a plan, i decided to set them up, to make Segun and Jane meet.

On a Tuesday, i called Segun and asked him to meet me at someplace. Jane and I were there already, she didn’t know about it also, i didn’t tell her. Then Segun came around, he saw us, i carefully analyzed the look on his face, but he was cool, he didn’t seem to recognize her, no fright or fear in him…

hmmn… i smell fish, how pesin no go recognize their boo na. When i confirmed they didn’t know each other, i no even talk much, i just carry my bobo waka leave her for there.

As i dey go, i been they imagine say if she no get T-fare nko… mtsheww… na she sabi, make she waka go house. Olori buruku!. Abeg gerara here! shit! stalker osi. Only god knows how she got his pictures. maybe she downloaded it from Facebook or Instagram.

Well! Segun and I are still together, 2years in and he just proposed to me yesterday, that’s why i decided to make this post, not that I’m bragging. I just want girls to be more careful and wise…No matter  what you hear or what happens always keep your cool, don’t act due to your mood. Calm down and think logical. tay away from fuckgirls, boo snatchers, do not believe everything you are told. Not everyone around you are truly your friends, some stay around because they wanna be informed about your life happenings.

No dull am abeg!

Toni Ajayi.

Dhorlly Ibitoye. @copywright



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