wake up

Life is like a coat of many colours, sometimes it comes in dull colours (like gray, black, brown )while at other times it comes in bright colours(like yellow, green, red). Whatever colour life splash at you, always maintain a good disposition, cultivate the right attitude to face life’s biggest challenges, because challenges is like a ladder that we will climb step by step to the pinnacle of self-actualization (success). Remember life is not a bed of roses only if we fail to work hard, persevere and be persistent/focus. But the truth is life can be a bed of roses depending on our dispositions towards life, just be ready to soar higher than the eagle, outline your goals in life, be focus, work hard towards your goals. There are two sides to a coin,

There are two sides to a coin, so also life has two phases: good or bad, bright or dull, roses or thorn, success or failure, positive or negative. You just must make a choice and NOW! Is the right time to choose, because procastination is a killer of destiny, i therefore i urge you all to choose right, make the right decisions about your lives now, maintain a positive attitude always, take that bold step forward, look unto the brighter part of life, remember, WHERE THERE IS LIFE, THERE IS HOPE, it will always get better, strive for the top, YES! we can

BOLEO CUTE Motivational quotes.


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