I’ve met people that skip meals but never miss a stick. See people take so much Alcohol, that there’s barely space for water. Seen people eat anything made out of any pot. Nowadays people don’t care for their stomach. Maybe its civilization and evolution that caused this change in eating habit. Perhaps taste change with time but I feel it shouldn’t affect our body. When we don’t eat, we starve and when we starve our body, it malfunctions and when it does we become unbalanced, imbalance causes depression. Depression makes us sad and miserable, at that moment we are weak, and weakness opens door for depression, when we are depressed we fall sick. Feeding the body is like fueling up one’s engine for better functioning. When you eat, you get strengthened. Only the strong hustles and even if you die, hustle never stops for the living. So don’t risk too much hustling, your body shouldn’t be compromised. And in this life you gotta stay strong always because only the strong survive. Don’t be weak!!! Don’t be sick!!! Don’t skip a meal!!! 3ce a day everyday, stay healthy. Your bed’s more comfortable than a sick bed. Maintain a balanced diet. Choose to eat no matter how horrible things are.

Stay safe!! Stay balanced!!

Dhorlly Ibi.


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