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Via Henessey

Hmmm… Weird love story but it’s so unfortunate it’s true… I remember clearly just like yesterday… From my dairy;

So it goes like this…

As a new corper (NYSC), I redeployed from Zamfara. I had this crazy stoner roommie named Wendy, that was so down to earth and sends no one; as a Naija person, you know what it means to send no one na. And I an Omo mummy but I wasn’t innocent, I was a naughty stoner plus we were good looking also.

It was one of those funny yet boring day on Lekki in Lasgidi. Then my phone rang it was Dapo calling at 12:45, Dapo was an employee at the firm were I was serving. He called to invite me to his birthday party, which I agreed to attend on a condition that I bring a friend along and that he arranges for a means to drop us off home before dawn…

Abi Na… It was a harmless offer and we were bored. I told my roomie about it, we were so excited we spent the whole afternoon deciding what to wear.

It was 9:15 in the evening, my phone rang, it was Dapo calling, I answered, he was waiting outside my house. We were ready and set, eyebrow on the fleek, you know what I mean. We were all dressed up and ready to party.    We got into the car, a black Venza.  Dapo was seating at the driver’s seat and a guy sat on the right corner, we( Wendy and I) sat behind.  Dapo introduced us to his friend George, we got aquainted to each other. I didn’t see his face clearly, so I was trying to look at his face through the rear mirror but I didn’t get a clear shot. Kcee’s Limpopo was playing on and I was singing along in my mind.

We got to the venue it was the almighty club Escape, as a student I had always heard about it but that was my first time there. I felt nervous, I wondered what I looked like, I felt  i was not looking good enough for the party, i told Wendy but she didnt seem to care, she just said i look hot, i thought she said that to make me feel good.

We got inside the club , the guests were in already and the club was filled, i didnt know it was going to be a big party, there were plenty beautiful chicks and fine clean Nigga’s. Everyone was starring at us, i looked clueless, Dapo slowly left our side greeting people. We sat at the right corner… the party was on.

While we sat… at first i was fronting but then i noticed George wasn’t even looking at me, it was like i  wasn’t noticed. He was busy fondling with his phone.  They served Hennessey and it was dance time; Wendy stood up to dance. George and i were left on the table.

I was all high and tipsy, you know that feeling na, when Henny hit the system, loud music and a fine Man seating next to you. I felt like dancing, infact all i wanted to do was to dance but i had this odd feeling of insecurity. So I sat and drank on. I wanted to pee I felt really uncomfortable, the problem isn’t to stand up but I didn’t know where the restroom was and I didn’t want to ask George as he was the only one around me and I didn’t want him thinking. I couldn’t hold it, I didn’t know what came over me, I bursted out asking George if he could follow me to the restroom.

He agreed, and we went together…

We got back to our table and this time things were different. We got taking, we talked and talked and chucked about silly things. He was quite funny. We drank on but at some point I knew I was high. While we were jesting, Dapo and a lady walked towards our table and Dapo introduced the lady to us as his girlfriend.

Yea, she was georgeously dressed and she looked beautiful. She told us she liked our match and that we looked good together(George and I), I think she got it all wrong but I couldn’t explain to her there, she brought out her phone and asked us to take a selfie and we did “well the picture was actually dope”. They left and for a minute George and I stayed mute, I wondered what he was going to say or what was going through his mind but he stared at me sternly, looking into my eyes and I couldn’t stop blushing. Sigh!

Then we bursted out laughing we laughed so hard… We forgot there was nothing funny. Then I apologized for the mixup. He asked looking sacarstically “what mixup?” I told him the relationship thingy. He smiled and told me what if he took it seriously and wants us to date on.

Instantly! At that moment without thinking twice I said cool with me. Funny abi?                             That was what I thought until he asked me to dance and we danced mad and crazily. I guess we all had fun… Well as for me I had mad fun.

Wendy came back to the table and we told her about the relationship thingy… Hehe… She thought it was funny also. Well I actually thought it was all a joke or maybe I wasn’t thinking. We were all jisting and laughing over the relationship issue.

It was 5:19am Sunday morning… Dapo walked up to our table whispering words into George’s ear, he responded In a low tone also, I streched my ears but I couldn’t hear what they where talking about, and I had  different thoughts running through my mind, I knew our time’s up, it was morning already but I didn’t want the party to end because I was really  enjoying myself. Then Dapo told us that George was going to drop us at home because he couldn’t leave the party yet. We agreed.

We left the party, on our way home, I couldn’t stop staring at George, truth be told, I actaually liked him. And I didn’t want the night to end. So funny how strangers can become friends… Sigh! And friends become strangers, I thought about my previous relationship that had just ended few months before then.                                                                   We finally got home… Wendy got down and went into the house. George and I remained in the car, there we are, pretending not to be looking at each other, I was thinking about him and I was sure he was also thinking about me because I saw he was so into me but I had doubts, I wasn’t sure, I wondered what he thought about me, who gets so free and comfortable with a man on their first date, not that all that didn’t matter to me but I couldn’t control myself, I felt I knew him already and I could be anything with him.

He finally spoke, he said he had fun and he hopes to see me again… I smiled and then he kissed me… We made out, there was no fcuking tho, we just did random erotic things, we were both freaking high… We paused… We thought we saw someone walking towards us, but it was a dog walking on the street. We talked… Until we dozed off. Waking up at 6:20am… I felt stupid for sleeping unknowingly, I knew that was a very big fcuk up but I guess we were both high and stressed. I blame Henny for that😁. I just bid him goodbye and highlighted from the car, he drove off.

We hooked up later; we continued dating. Our dream funny relationship got real. He was really cool. Six months later he proposed and now(today) while I’m writing this, George is my husband and we’ve been married for 3years, blessed with two kids. We have a beautiful, stoning😃marriage…

Unfortunate  story but i love every bit. Crazy but Fun. Silly but interesting. Love doesn’t have to be formal or pre-planned. Love happens and when your time comes, it fits perfectly. For me there’s no better love story. I pray never to be able to Unlove you and I hope we never bore each other.

Thanks Henny. #hennessyconnects.


Dhorlly Ibi @ Copyright.



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