His sexuality. His code.

Stop sleep walking through your life. Wake up! She got kids, he got obligations” don’t let the idea of being married or being a good wife and a mother steal your man. You should be able(try) to balance your role as a mother and a wife. ” you are gifted and talented, you are all that” don’t stop being all that, while you fufiling your motherly role don’t forget you are ” a wife”.
A man’s sexuality is a top priority and a bigdeal to him. Some women allow their man stay weeks, months, a year or more without sex, and they often make excuses for that. Don’t get carried away, wake up! Else don’t be surprised when you suddenly get hit by a train. Even though his schedules are tight and he’s busy making a better life for you and your kids. Yea! I know times are hard and he’s busy but you should know that good sex makes him feel relieved. Let it be a sort of escape from the problem for him. Hard times shouldn’t distract you from paying attention to eachother’s sexual needs and desire. Get this straight and its a fact for a man sex is a need and an insatiable want. Your man will always want sex for as long as he lives.
“Sometimes all you need to solve a problem is Good sex”. Perhaps all he needs is to release to think straight. If he doesnt make that ugly face while cuming in you, you aint gonna see the fine face. His eyes, brains, ears and emotions aint gonna be relived if he aint done the releasing. Sex refreshes the mind, soul and body.
Most women get it twisted and think. Its better to settle differences before sex but sometimes its better if sex comes before. Whatever happened to the honey in the moon Woman?! Tell them bees to keep working on, never let your honey dry out.
Though, I’m mad at you, I’m still gonna fcuk you deeply and make you cum and after that we gonna settle our differences. Keep all communication lines open. A man’s sexuality is a big code and his natural phone number. Dial his number, if he responds say hello and talk on, if he ain’t responding, dail the fcuking code till he responds. Not having sex with your man opens doors for discouragement and temptation. A couple that fcuks together stay together.
Trust in God and always pray for your Man. Don’t give up Woman. You Strong, bold and beautiful.
But first… Recharge your line.

Dhorlly Ibi.  dhorlly002.WordPress.com     @copyright.


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