The Unlocky Code

Men also have fears, worries, doubts, they feel pain, they also know the difference between pain and joy, they are humans also but in this life we’ve been raised to think they are extremely strong and heartless. Remember being strong, suffering and providing is a “curse” it’s a burden to bear, if they had an option maybe they’ll rather not, but in life you have to adapt, hurts to know you can’t choose or change anything.

Sometimes you have to help your man ” realize and do”, that’s why he has you, to be his paineaser. We need each other, man and woman togther.

dont give up on your man. If you can’t find a solution create one. Every problem has a solution. You got another weekend to make things work.

Why not shut the fcuk up and just do fun stuffs this weekend with your man. No matter how odd it gets. Ego aside… Even if you tried this and didn’t work out, try again and this time be different.

No matter how hard he hurt you, forgive him and give him another chance. Grief aside. Maybe all you need to do is Unleash the porn star in you. He your baby, he your Nigga, he your man! Only you can.


Dhorlly Ibitoye.


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